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Dragon's Blood

As with all magickal practices, each product contains the equal and opposite of itself, its own yin and yang, in both its making and its uses. Our own recipe dragon's blood oil uses the resin from the Calamus Draco tree, with one or two subtle additions, to create a powerful oil that should be in every witch and magicians spell cupboard.

You can see it working in two ways. First as a power up, drawing power into yourself, your space or your spells, or secondly as a power out, for example to expel negative energies from yourself, your space or your spells.

A good example is in bathing or anointing. Add dragon's blood ink to a bath and draw the bath water onto you as you wash, anointing your body with it to draw in personal power before an interview or important meeting. Wash your body from head to toe in a bath with some dragon's blood oil added to cleanse yourself of negative energies or at the end of a hectic day.

Combining dragon's blood with other products combines their potency. For example add some St John's Salt or sacred bath sachet to your bath with some hyssop and dragon's blood oil to increase it's cleasing properties. Add some dragon's blood oil to a chinese wash mix to empower a house cleansing, burning some white sage, purification or spirits depart incense at the same time.

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