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Based on traditional recipies, developed and blended by Cerdwyn’s Cauldron, our incenses are made with herbs, resins, roots, oils and a lot of magick. Packed into a hexagonal jar, they can be burnt to power up spells, cleanse sacred space, invoke energies and atmosphere into circle or just to make the house smell nice!

Abramelin Incense
Based on the tradional mix from the original grimoire, this incense works well with the oil hen contacting your HGA
Cerdwyn's Cauldron Incense
Our own mix symbolising the wisdom and knowledge obtained from drinking her magical brew..
Full Moon Incense
Blended on the full moon, this incense encapsulates the moon reflecting the sun
Kyphi Incense
A traditional mix embodying the atmosphere of ancient Egypt, it was also used medicinally.
Pan Incense
Call the nature God of groves and woods, but beware, his allure is deceiving!
White Goddess Incense
Invoke the lunar energies of the Goddess of birth, life and death!
Personal Incenses
Using a combination of astrology, numerology and alchemy we will create your own personal incense, keyed to your power and energetic vibration.
Please include your full name, date and time of birth and any other specifications requied eg God, Goddess or Spiritual alignment, specific uses etc.
All our incenses come with instructions and ideas for use.
Personal Incense: Name
DOB, Place, Time

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