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Our oils are imbued with herbs, resins, crystals and a lot of magick and add power and charm to every spell used with them.
They all come boxed in antiquated 10ml bottles with wax-dipped bottoms. Each is completed with our very own Cerdwyn's Cauldron spell scroll.

Abramelin Oil
Based on the recipe found in Exodus and The Book of Abramelin, our oil is excellent for consecration, blessings and anointings and can be used by both ritual magicians and wiccans alike.
Astral Travel Oil
Another of our own recipes based on the witches flying ointment, this oil can be used to stimulte waking dreams and heighten astral travel and out of the body type experiences.
Candle Anointing Oil
A classic blend inspired by The Key Of Solomon used to annoint candles before spells and rituals. Comes boxed with a unique Cerdwyn’s Cauldron instruction scoll about candle dressing
Fairy Oil
A blend of oils sacred to the nature divas. Comes boxed with a scroll for contacting the fairy folk.
Dragon's Blood Oil
This classic resin is now available imbued in oil for easy application to power up just about any magic, from spell bags to charms.This classic resin is now available imbued in oil for easy application to power up just about any magic, from spell bags to charms.
Healing Oil
Using herbs, oils and resins know for both their therapeutic and magickal properties this blend can be used on candles, poppets and even applied to the body. Comes boxed with a unique Cerdwyn’s Cauldron spell scroll.
Please read our disclaimer with respect to using our products on your body

Magic Money Oil
Beautifully presented in a waxed bottle with a magic money charm. Comes boxed complete with a unique Cerdwyn’s Cauldron wealth spell scroll.
Psychic Awareness Oil
One of our own recipes, this oil is excellent for rubbing onto the brow chakra to activate the third eye and awaken latent psychic skills.
Mugwort Oil
Another classical herb available imbued in oil for easy application. Traditionally used to empower a crystal ball for scrying but makes an excellent cleanser and all round exorciser. Comes boxed with a unique Cerdwyn’s Cauldron spell scroll.
Van Van Oil
Made to an old Hoodoo recipe, van van oil is excellent for ridding negative energy, adding psychic and occult protection and changing bad luck to good. Comes boxed with a unique Cerdwyn’s Cauldron spell scroll and bunch of broom for cleansing and blessing your personal and sacred space.

Black Cat Oil
Our own version of the African-American lucky black cat oil doubles up to grant invisibility, return lost love and bring luck. Like dragon's blood it is a good oil for combining with and powering up other spells, particularly those inolving money and gambling.

Sacred Saffron Water
This combination of various sacred spring waters including two from Glastonbury with saffron is ideal to use in ritual with St. John’s Salt. Similar to peace water, it can be used for sacred bathing as well as to cleanse ritual objects and tools.
St. John's Salt
Made with St. John’s Wort, sea salt and other sacred herbs for defining and cleansing ritual spaces or adding to sacred baths. Great for circle work on the altar to add to Sacred Saffron Water or for use in a cleansing or ritual bath.

Personal Oils
Using a combination of astrology, numerology and alchemy we will create your own personal oil, keyed to your power and energetic vibration.
Please include your full name, date and time of birth and any other specifications requied eg God, Goddess or Spiritual alignment, specific uses etc.
All our personal oils come with instructions and ideas for use.
Personal Oil: Name
DOB, Place, Time

Please read our disclaimer and terms and conditions before ordering our products.

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