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A range of designs
Cauldron Size
Pentagram Altar
Solid wood - 30cmx30cmx20cm
Triple Moon Altar
Solid wood - 30cmx30cmx20cm
Price £25.00 + P&P
Price £25.00 + P&P
Heart Mobile
Moon Mobile
Sold Out
Price £12.00 + P&P
Altar Tiles
Wooden - 5cm/10cm
Price £ varying + P&P
Tile Size
White Sage Smudge
10cm approx
White Sage Smudge
22cm approx
Price £3.25 + P&P
Price £8.50 + P&P
Triple Goddess Smudge
Sage, motherwort, cronewort 18cm approx
Grand Messa Smudge
Sage, Yerba Santa, Chapparal 18cm approx
Price £7.50 + P&P
Price £7.50 + P&P
Large Feather Smudgers
Small Feather Smudgers
Price £7.00 + P&P
Price £4.50 + P&P
Pagan, Rider Waite, Druids, Thoth, Angel
Abalone Shell Kit
Small abalone shell, sage smudge, feather etc
Price £ varying + P&P
Tarot Deck
Price £8.00 + P&P

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