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Choosing a Colour

Choosing a colour for your ink, candle or quill will depend on a lot of things but here is a rough guide:

Black, in Egypt, was the colour of night, death, and the underworld, but could also symbolise resurrection, life and fertility.

White is the colour of cleanliness, associated with sacredness and ritual purity. White is also sacred to the virgin Moon.

Red is the colour of blood and fire, and symbolises life and the forces of chaos. Red candles are burnt for love and and vitality.

Orange is the colour of love and happiness and orange candles are burnt to represent change of plans, and prophetic dreams.

Yellow is the colour of the sun, and symbolises eternity, life and truth. Yellow candles are burnt for devotion and cheerfulness.

Green was the Egyptian colour of growth and of life itself. In both European and Chinese tradition, green also represents the spirit and the fertility of nature, while to the Ancient Greeks it was the colour of love.

Blue represents both the heavens and the waters, life and rebirth, and heavenly power. It also symbolizes peace and truth.

Purple has always been associated with royalty and spiritual authority, hence purple candles are burnt for mastery and ambition.

Bear in mind your personal and cultural traditions and go with the flow. The more effort you put into personalising a spell, including timing and buying and finding special ingrediants, the better it will be!

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